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Top Selling European Sports Cars in the U.S. in 2021

Few things rival European sports cars. Can you imagine flying down the road in an Alfa Romeo or Porsche? These are just two popular makes that sell well to those who can afford them in the United States. Let’s have some fun and talk about the top-selling European sports cars in the U.S. last month. That’s right, these numbers are for May of 2021, and Lucas Auto Care is going to list the vehicles from bottom to top-selling.

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo 4C comes in last most likely due to its cost. You’ll need to drop at least $68,000 for the Spider, which is to die for, we might add. According to statistics, a total of 9 Alfa Romeo 4C’s were sold in May of this year. Twenty-five have been sold thus far this year.


The BMW Z4 comes in second-to-last with a total of 70 units sold in May. The annual sales of this beauty are 241 so far. BMW’s Z4 roadster is a little more affordable than the Alfa Romeo 4C with the sticker prices starting at $49,700 and $63,700 depending on the model you get.


The Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class comes in next on our list. Seventy-one of these beauties were sold in May with the yearly total being 197 up to May 31, 2021. The SLC roadster is sporty and luxurious, and you will drop at least $49,950 to get into the basic model.


Despite being around for decades, the Audi TT hasn’t gained a ton of popularity in the U.S. The latest models have sold 96 units in May and 266 units as of May 31, 2021. The TT comes as a roadster, coupe, and the powerful TT RS. The price range of these automobiles is $50,845 to $60,545.


The Jaguar F-Type is the sporty version of this luxury automobile. In May of 2021, 220 F-Types were sold in the U.S. The yearly total through May 31 is 610. To get into the lowest-priced Jaguar F-Type, you’ll be handing over about $70,000. Ouch.


BMW makes another appearance on our list with its 8 Series. Five hundred and forty-one BMW 8 Series were sold in the United States in May; 1,503 have been sold through May 31. Plan to drop at least $80,000 if you want to into this German-manufactured sports car.


You probably guessed Porsche would be on top of our list and it is. Specifically, the Porsche 718 has sold 542 units in the U.S. in May; just one more than the BMW 8 Series. Year-to-date sales through May 31 are 1,506. Prices start at just over $60,000 and range all the way up to over $100,000.

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Photo by rezaqorbani from pixabay via Canva Pro