Radiator Services In Houston

Radiator Services

Whether during the height of summertime or the bitter cold of winter, your car can overheat if conditions in your engine or its cooling system are operating sub-optimally. When your vehicle starts exhibiting symptoms of overheating–elevated temperature levels on the dashboard gauge, evidence of coolant dripping under the vehicle after it has come to a stop, or the more obvious, steam billowing from under the hood–it is critical that a qualified cooling system heat transfer specialist examines the vehicle. You need an experienced and accurate diagnosis about the challenges and then proper servicing to remedy the situation.

Lucas Auto Care employs the very best service technicians. On average, our cooling system heat transfer specialists have over 20 years of specialized expertise in servicing engine cooling systems. Not only does this amount to a wealth of knowledge within each technician, it also provides huge resources to the entire team as a whole. When more challenging cases are brought into the shop, our expert team communicates the diagnosis and discovers the best solution for the customer.

We also back up our professional staff with the very best, state of the art diagnostic and service equipment money can buy. Having the right tools–like quality pressure testing kits and leak detection systems–can mean the difference between spending hundreds of extra dollars to get your car fixed, eventually, or getting it diagnosed, repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, you just want your car operating smoothly and running cool. Whether you are experiencing the immediate danger of overheating or just want to ensure your vehicle is running at optimal temperature levels, why not call and set up an appointment today an inspection today? Finding a quality auto repair shop, especially one which specializes in the vehicle’s cooling system can be a challenge. There are disreputable service professionals who will gladly take your money and provide slipshod work. Do not allow this to happen to you. Lucas Auto Care provides the very best work, quickly and efficiently. We also service most vehicle makes and models and are eager to provide you with the very best auto repair experience possible.