Auto Suspension Repair In Houston

Auto Suspension Repair

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to drive straight, and your car keeps wanting to veer to the right or the left? That is what is referred to as pulling, and it a sign that your alignment is off. What about when you go over a speed bump, and your car continues to bounce after? That’s a symptom of a failing suspension system. Not only are these frustrating, but they also aren’t safe. That is where Lucas Auto Care comes in.

When you are driving, you want exact control over your vehicle at all times. For this to happen, all four wheels must be in contact with the ground at all times. That is what your suspension system is there for. A properly working suspension system absorbs bumps and allows for correct wheel alignment.

Lucas Auto Care is proud to offer our customers 30 years of suspension expertise. Whether your suspension system is outfitted with shock absorbers or you have a strut-based system, our family-owned and operated shop is here to help.

We have worked hard over the years to provide our clients with only the best technicians and most up-to-date equipment available. If you suspect your vehicle is experiencing a suspension issue, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

For 30 years, Lucas Auto Care has been Cypress area drivers’ go-to shop for all their European auto repair needs. We are dedicated to providing the very best service to every client, every time. Come see us today and see what sets us apart.