Transmission Services In Houston

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

To become a worldwide recognized brand in any profession or field requires years of hard work and quality performance. Such hard work and consistent quality are some of the qualities that have earned us the reputation of being recognized as the world’s number one transmission expert. At Lucas Auto Care in the Houston TX location, we know our business and transmissions and related service is our business. We are thus the best local option when you need transmission technicians.

We offer comprehensive transmission services at Lucas Auto Care that include problem diagnosis, fluid change, and solving drivability problems with our unique service known as Power Purge.

Reseal Service

From our experience, we have realized that most times, the issue associated with auto transmission problems is the failure of the automatic transmission system to retain transmission fluid. When we detect such a problem, we use our Lucas Auto Care reseal Service to correct the issue and resolve the transmission problems.

Lucas Auto Care Comprehensive Automatic Transmission Services Includes:

  • Disassembling the transmission system from the vehicle and complete service checks
  • Correct fluid retention defect in automatic transmissions by replacing external seals and seal components by expert technicians from Lucas Auto Care.
  • Re-installation of serviced transmission systems, with transmission quality fluid filled to required levels.

After the transmission systems have been serviced and installed, we will carry out all necessary external adjustments to ensure that the system functions optimally. Finally, the vehicle is driven and tested to affirm that the auto transmission system is working properly before the car is returned to the owner. Our transmission services include working on all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Transmission Service

The signature service that stands Lucas Auto Care apart from others is our professional transmissions rebuild service. We are so confident of our service, and that makes us offer the best warranty in this business in the whole country. Manual and automatic transmission is our core business. Whether you own an SUV, luxury car, truck, or economy car, you can be sure that we know and understand your transmission.

Clutch Service

We are still your best bet, even if your vehicle uses a manual transmission system. Our advanced transmission scan check will be able to detect the problem. We can then determine if the problem can be corrected by external adjustments or by repairing or replacing your clutch. If the problem cannot be corrected by adjustments or repairs, Lucas Auto Care certified experts would have to follow the following steps to resolve the problem

Disassemble the transmission system from the vehicle

  • Inspect and check the flywheel, pressure plate, clutch system, and related parts.
  • Replace defective components based on professional Lucas Auto Care standards
  • Reassemble and reaffix the transmission.
  • Refill with quality transmission fluid
  • Carry out a lift check to confirm the clutch has been properly installed and carry out necessary adjustments.

At this stage, we will subject the vehicle to a road test to confirm that the clutch is working properly. Then you can continue to enjoy using your car, SUV, or truck without any further transmission problems.