Customer Benefits

Constant Contact

You will know the status of your vehicle at all times. Lucas Auto Care utilizes the latest technology via email, text, and photographs to keep you constantly up to date. Lucas Auto Care stays on the forefront of communication technology. Customers have an online portal they may use to view the upcoming service and maintenance needs. We utilize texting and e-mail communication to keep you up to date with your busy schedule. Lucas Auto Care’s staff is trained to take pictures throughout the repair, so you know exactly what was done to your car. These photos are stored in our up to date database to review. Lucas Auto Care displays useful diagrams in our lobby to demonstrate and educate about the different parts of your premium vehicle.

Complimentary Loaner Car and Shuttle Service

We keep you going while your car is down. Lucas Auto Care has a full staff to shuttle you to home or work. If you are having major repairs, we provide a complimentary loaner vehicle. We understand the stress of not having a vehicle getting around the greater Houston area! That’s why we fully staff a team to shuttle you to and from home or work! Needing major repairs? Lucas Auto Care provides a complimentary loaner to keep you going! Repairs must be classified as major and must be approved by the customer before loaner will be provided.

Best Equipment

Lucas Auto Care has invested over half a million dollars in the most up to date equipment to fix your vehicle right. Come check out the largest toolbox in Texas! Lucas Auto Care invests in the proper tools and equipment. Premium vehicles take specialized tools that your average repair shop will not have. We have all the OEM manufacturer diagnostic equipment. Having these specialized tools allows us to fix your car right. Hunter Alignment Machine, our specialized aligner, is a four-wheel laser adjustment machine.

Road Force Balancer

The Road Force Touch® wheel balancer can perform the Road Force® balance faster than a regular wheel balance. Our state-of-the-art Road Force Touch machine offers fixes that a normal balance could not, such as vibration issues. Leave our shop with the same wheels and tires but feel the difference in your ride.

Best Technicians

Lucas Auto Care’s team of technicians has over 75 years of specialized premium vehicle experience. Our master-certified and manufacturer-trained technicians have the knowledge to fix any problem! All our technicians are ASE Master certified in all areas including engine, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, heating/AC, engine performance, and more.

Scheduled Maintenance

Think you have to go to the dealership for your scheduled maintenance? Think again, Lucas Auto care is fully equipped and certified to maintain your premium vehicle. Do you know that it is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty for having your maintenance performed elsewhere? This is outlined in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act! Lucas Auto Care has all the certifications and up-to-date maintenance schedule to help maintain your investment!

3 Year 36,000-Mile Warranty

All repairs at Lucas Auto Care are backed by a 3 year / 36,000-mile warranty so you can rest at ease with the added security. Where else can you go for the kind of assurance? Lucas Auto care only employs master certified technicians and uses the highest quality parts and tools. This allows us to have one of the longest warranties in the industry to give you peace of mind!

Terms of the warranty:

  • Parts: Parts used for repair must be provided by Lucas Auto Care and be OEM or OES to qualify. If used or aftermarket parts are used at customer request, then only the warranty that comes from the manufacturer or supplier will be honored. IF THE CUSTOMER SUPPLIES PARTS, THERE IS NO WARRANTY.
  • The terms of the Warranty: Warranty is valid from the time of repair to either 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever is shorter. The warranty does not reset if a warranty claim is processed, but the original warranty is still valid through the rest of its term.
  • Claim Process: If the customer believes that a repair has failed, they must notify us and bring us the vehicle to inspect. If we find the repair to have failed, we will re-do the repair free of charge including parts and labor.
  • Actions or conditions that may void the warranty: Out of Town Claims: If the customer is out of town when a repair fails, they must notify us. We will then select a local shop for them that is certified. We will then work directly with the shop to arrange the repair. If the customer is within 75 miles of a Lucas Auto Care location, they must have the repair done with us.
  • Racing: If we believe a customer has participated in a racing activity we may dishonor any warranty claims.
  • Aftermarket modifications: If the customer is within 75 miles, they must bring the vehicle to us for repairs. We will not reimburse customers for warranty repairs done by other shops without express permission.

Family Owned and Operated

Family-owned and operated automotive repair shop that provides the service you deserve. More than 75 years of combined auto repair and service experience.