Auto Repair In Jersey Village – Champions TX

Auto Repair Jersey Village – Champions

The city of Jersey Village is nestled into northwest Houston made possible by the land given to the city by Clark W Henry who raised Jersey cattle in the early 1950s. Lucas Auto Care has been serving the residents of this area since 1988. With most of these residents working closer into town, our concierge service is an ideal reason to choose Lucas Auto Care to service your automobile. We can even drop you off at work and pick you up if you need.

Our technicians and service managers were hand-picked from the best shops in the country. You can rest assured that the service you are receiving is the highest quality being performed by true professionals. To give you greater peace of mind we offer an 18 month, unlimited mileage warranty on all parts and labor. We use only the best OEM parts that the dealership uses. Check our reviews and compare them with those of the dealership and you will see there is no comparison. When second best is not an option, Lucas Auto Care is here to meet your needs.