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Are European Automobiles Really Better? Yes! Here’s Why!

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You’ve probably noticed that Lucas Auto Care is European automobile experts. We offer Cypress, TX, residents the best preventative maintenance and repair services for nearly all European makes and models. Why are we so obsessed with European automobiles? They are amazing in their design and manufacturing. Here are some reasons why we feel European automobiles are the cream of the crop.

More Efficient Yet Better Handling, As Well

One of the most amazing things about European automobiles is they are fuel-efficient yet designed to handle driving on the Autobahn. These cars are smaller in design and they hug the road through curves and narrow passages at higher speeds better than any other country’s automobiles. You can push a Porsche to its limits at higher speeds on the Autobahn without losing control than you could, say, a Corvette. No offense, Chevy owners. We service Corvettes, too, but European automobile manufacturers must design vehicles that drive well on the narrow roadways in Europe’s older cities yet also stay low to the ground when they speed along the Autobahn… all while getting better gas mileage.

Gas prices keep going up and down here in the States but believe us, many Europeans would love our gas prices compared to what they pay. It’s been known for decades that gasoline can be more expensive in Europe than it is here. Over the years, oil deals have driven gas prices down in some European countries, but you could still pay as much as $7 per gallon if you were in Norway, for example. European automobiles are engineered to offer their drivers as much fuel efficiency as possible. Sure, you aren’t going to get as good gas mileage out of the sportiest Maserati as you would out of a VW Jetta, but these cars are designed to handle like sports cars yet offer compact car fuel economy.


Many people love the design of European cars more than domestic models and we won’t argue that European automobile manufacturers make some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Couple that with longevity and you have an overall value that oftentimes makes up for a more expensive sticker price in some cases. If you look around, you’ll likely see more older European cars on the road than domestic vehicles. These automobiles are engineered to last. In fact, a Mercedes-Benz diesel automobile went down in history because it went 900,000 miles. Can you imagine driving a car for 900,000 miles?

Bottom line: Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, believes that when you combine the efficiency, handling, and beauty of a European automobile you have an amazing piece of machinery. Get yours serviced by calling us for an appointment.