Cabin Air Filter

Houston Drivers: Get Fresh Air Inside Your Car

Let’s talk about air quality in Houston. It’s a global issue, but affects us wherever we are. Many decades ago, Houston drivers began to become aware of how air pollution negatively affects health. But what about the air inside your vehicle?

Now, it’s only been in the last few years that cabin air filters have become common in Houston. You can look in your owner’s manual to see if you have one. If you do, there’ll be a recommendation for replacing it when it gets dirty. If you live in an area of TX where there’s a lot of dust, pollen or pollution, you may need to change it more often.

You can also ask your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor at Lucas Auto Care in Houston. How hard is it to change an air filter on a car? It depends on your vehicle. Some are quite accessible; others take some doing to get to them. They’re usually in the engine compartment or under the dashboard.

Because cabin air filters are so new on the scene, some people haven’t heard of them – even those who have cabin air filters in their vehicle. Lucas Auto Care service advisors have discovered that many Houston customers who complained about an unpleasant odor in their vehicle simply had a dirty cabin air filter.

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