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When Is it Necessary to Replace an Engine?

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You love your European automobile. You saved money for years so you could buy the car you’ve always dreamt of owning. It’s been with you through thick and thin, and you cannot imagine ever driving another automobile. You’ve been putting a lot of money into it lately to keep it running. Should you opt for an engine replacement? Lucas Auto Care offers instances below when you should.

You’ve Been in An Accident

Hopefully, you never face this instance but assume for the moment that you’ve been in a serious automobile accident. Severe collisions not only decimate vehicle bodies but also cause irreparable engine damage. In this case, you will have to rebuild your vehicle from the ground up. Have the body damage repaired and replace the engine. You might also end up needing a new suspension system.

The Engine Block Is Cracked

If your engine block cracks, the only solution is to replace the engine. Too much heat cracks an engine block, so the source of the problem could be a cooling system issue, such as constant low coolant or water pump failure, or insufficient engine protection. Excessive stress on the engine block can also crack it over time, as can any manufacturer defects. Your engine will overheat if the engine block is cracked.

The Engine Is Not Lubricated

Insufficient engine protection means, in part, no lubrication. We cannot overstate how important oil changes are to your European automobile, especially if you drive a high-performance vehicle. If your motor oil is low, dirty, or dried up, you will destroy your engine’s parts, ties, and rods. So much so that the engine will die completely in a matter of hours. You’ll have no choice but for an engine replacement.

The Engine Isn’t Detonating Properly

A combustion engine generates a ton of heat and pressure. If there is a problem with how the various engine systems handle the heat and pressure, or if the engine is producing too much combustion, your engine block will crack. Other damage includes melting, literally, the cylinders, pistons, and valves. It takes extreme heat to do this, but improper detonation can decimate a vehicle’s engine parts.

The Engine Is Old and Worn Down

Automobile engines only last so long. They are mechanical and all mechanics breakdown eventually. If your odometer reading is impressive, you might be on the road to an engine replacement. Engine parts wear down, even if you are faithful about changing the oil. Gaskets and seals will start leaking. Major system parts, such as the radiator will need to be replaced. Age-related wear happens in all vehicles.

Bring your European automobile into Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, if you suspect your engine needs to be replaced. We’ll inspect the engine thoroughly and discuss our findings in detail with you.

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