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What You Should Look for in Your BMW Mechanic

We don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to BMW service and repair, you don’t need to look any further than Lucas Auto Care. We are BMW specialists; in fact, we’re European automotive specialists, but that isn’t the only thing we have to offer our customers. For decades, BMW has stunned the automotive market with breathtaking machines that are safe, reliable, and fun to drive. No wonder they’re “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Here’s what you should look for in your BMW mechanic.

BMW-Certified Technicians

The days of popping the hood and seeing the same engine in each vehicle are long gone. Automobile manufacturers have their own technology, and maintaining and repairing a BMW is different from maintaining and repairing a Mercedes-Benz, or any other make for that matter. As such, the only technicians that should touch your ultimate driving machine should be BMW-certified technicians. These technicians have trained specifically with BMW and are uniquely qualified to work on your Beemer.

Our BMW-certified technicians collectively bring over 40 years of experience working on BMWs. We not only know how to maintain your automobile to ensure your vehicle warranty remains valid we also know how to repair it should it break down. We’ve been working on BMW automobiles for decades; we know our stuff and we pass that knowledge on to our customers. Alongside our BMW certification, we are also a Lucas Authorized shop with the diesel parts your diesel motor needs, if you drive a diesel.

You Deserve More

We believe you deserve more than just experienced BMW technicians. Whether you drive a BMW or another European automobile, you can expect the finest service from our shop, and you should. We offer a free loaner vehicle or shuttle service when you bring in your Beemer for maintenance and repairs. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our progress on your vehicle. If your funds are tight, you can finance your BMW service and repair on approved credit, and we back up our work with a 36,000-mile warranty – or three years, whichever comes first. Finally, when you pick up your BMW, it will have been hand washed and vacuumed so it looks just as good as it will run. Yep! We do all that.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, believes you should expect the best from your BMW mechanic and we’ll provide that. Call us today to schedule your maintenance or repair.