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What to Expect During a Tune-Up

Tune-ups play an important role in maintaining the integrity of your European vehicle and extending its lifespan.  A basic tune-up will increase your vehicle’s performance, increase fuel efficiency, and decrease emissions. It is almost like giving your car a new life and the results are obvious as soon as you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is common for drivers to put off getting a tune-up or ignore it altogether. But, what exactly should you expect when you take your car to the shop for a tune-up?

Pre Tune-Up Inspection

Like most auto repair and maintenance procedures, the first thing that happens when you take your car for a tune-up is an inspection. Your mechanic will use electrical diagnostics as well as a thorough visual inspection to see if your vehicle has any mechanical problems or parts that are worn out. They will check your emissions and make note of the levels, which should improve after the tune-up, as well as other performance metrics. A pre tune-up inspection gives your mechanic a clearer picture of what needs to be done to get your car back to peak performance.

The Tune-Up

Once the inspection has been completed it is time to get to work. One of the first things they will do is replace your spark plugs. Worn spark plugs decrease your engine’s level of combustion, by replacing them it improves that level giving you easier starts. Tune-ups also include replacements of various filters including the fuel filter, the air breathe filter, and the air filter. IIn addition to these replacements, your mechanic will also replace any belts or hoses that need to be changed and adjust your ignition and sensors as needed.

How Often Should You Get a Tune-Up

Even if you don’t get a full tune-up, we recommend that you at least have your spark plugs replaced on schedule. For most vehicles the guideline for tune-ups and spark plug replacement is around 45,000 miles. This timeline may vary for your car. Some spark plugs may last closer to 100,000 miles, but it is important that your spark plugs are functioning properly in order for your engine to maintain its level of performance.

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