What Can Knock My European Automobile’s Wheels Out of Alignment?

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If your European automobile is out of alignment, you will notice that it is difficult to control it. The vehicle will pull to the side and you will find yourself having to correct the steering constantly. Lucas Auto Care advises that you should have your wheels aligned every two years and when you have a new set of tires put on your European beauty. This two-year milestone can be shortened by the following things that knock wheels out of alignment.


Automobile accidents wreak havoc on your car, truck, or utility vehicle even if they are only minor ones. Depending on how you were hit, the accident may knock your wheels out of alignment. Even if there doesn’t appear to be any visible damage, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected after an auto incident. This ensures problems invisible to the naked eye are addressed.


You can’t avoid every bump in the road, but you can drive over them slowly. It’s important to take bumps seriously, especially speed bumps. Don’t drive over bumps too fast because this will not only knock your wheels out of alignment but might also damage your suspension.


The same is true with curbs. Many people knock their wheels out of alignment by hitting a curb when they are turning around the corner. You can also knock the wheels out of alignment if you hit a curb while parallel parking. Do your best to avoid curbs so you can keep your wheels aligned properly.


The cement markers at the ends of parking spaces can also knock your wheels out of alignment. When you hit them, you jolt your wheels in a backward direction. This is bad for the tires and the wheels. If you drive over one accidentally, you can also damage your suspension.


Potholes are instant trouble for your vehicle’s wheel alignment and suspension. These road hazards can cause all kinds of damage. It is important that you go through them as slow as possible. Don’t let drivers behind you pressure you into driving through potholes too fast.

Road Construction

Finally, road construction causes uneven surfaces that can damage your wheel alignment. This is why you should slow down in construction zones not only to protect your tires and wheels, but also to protect the construction workers.

If you think your vehicle is out of alignment, call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today. We are European automobile experts.

Photo by Nejron via Canva Pro