Water Pump Service In Houston

Water Pump Service

The water pump is a very straightforward device that plays a very important role in the cooling system in your vehicle. Much like blood in a human’s body, the coolant lines circulate through the internals of an internal combustion engine, providing necessary cooling functions in order to keep the vehicle at its proper operating temperature. In order to keep the cooling moving through the lines at a predictable speed, a water pump is used. This water pump is belt driven and attached to the engine, from which is draws power. It uses centrifugal force to push the radiator fluid coming from the radiator into the engine. The return force of the radiator fluid also allows the vanes in the water pump to spin faster, allowing for more efficient delivery of radiator fluid to the engine block. Typically, it is best to replace your water pump when you replace your timing belt, or every 90,000 miles. These are typically serviced together because they are both located behind many of the engine’s internal parts and are hard to reach unless many belts and other parts are removed.