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Warmer Weather Can Ruin the Paint on Your Mercedes-Benz

Summer is officially here, and it’s hot. Did you know that warmer weather can actually damage the automobile paint on your beloved Mercedes-Benz? As the mercury rises in the spring, nature awakens and offers a host of problems. Lucas Auto Care can help you with your Benz’s body damage, including paint trouble. Here are some things to avoid to prevent the warm weather from ruining your automobile’s exterior paint.


If you cannot park your Mercedes in a garage at all times, purchase a quality car cover. Pollen is abundant in the spring and summer in Texas, and this powder is more damaging than you might expect. So fine and powdery, many drivers think the pollen on their vehicles is harmless until they wipe it off and see scratches and spots. Pollen is abrasive and acidic and can eat away at the topcoat and paint.


It doesn’t take a tree or tree branch to fall on your Benz to damage it. Pollen and sap are huge automobile paint damagers. Warm weather makes the tree sap bleed, in particular, and if you park underneath a tree that is dripping sap, you’ll be stuck with a sticky mess that you cannot get off without damaging your automobile paint. Tree branches can also scratch your paint, so opt for the car cover for shade instead of a tree.


Birds make their homes in trees and, well, we really don’t need to go on. Why are bird droppings so damaging to exterior automobile paint? Bird droppings contain uric acid, a natural waste product from the kidneys. This acid is murder on your automobile’s paint. Birds can’t help where they poop; you just have to make sure your car isn’t in bomb territory. Avoid parking under trees and overhangs.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including our bugs, and aside from being super disgusting, bugs splattering all over your vehicle will ruin the paint if you don’t wash them off quickly. Acid is the culprit in this case, too. All living things have acids in their bodies, and these acids eat away at the paint. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your car, truck, CUV, SUV, or home. Wash and wax your Mercedes regularly to protect it from bugs.

Has summer gotten the better of your automotive paint job? Contact Lucas Auto Care today. Our shop is in Cypress, TX, and we service, repair, and do bodywork on Mercedes-Benz, BMWs, and other European automobiles.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay