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Three Reasons Why Your European Automobile’s Engine Is Sputtering

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A sputtering engine is not only annoying, but it is also a sign that there is something wrong underneath the hood. Preventative maintenance ensures your European automobile always runs smoothly and efficiently. Lucas Auto Care can get to the bottom of why your engine is suffering from sputtering and other performance issues. There are three primary causes of a sputtering engine. Here’s what they are.

1. Exhaust/Vacuum Problems

Your European beauty relies on combustion, exhaust, and vacuum to run efficiently. If there is a leak in the exhaust system, such as through the exhaust manifold gasket (which can wear out over time), or if you have a vacuum leak through one of the vacuum hoses, your engine will sputter. You might also hear the exhaust blowing out from underneath the exhaust manifold.

Problems in the exhaust system aside from the manifold can also create the perfect conditions for engine sputtering. If your catalytic converter is going bad, the engine will respond negatively. A malfunctioning MAF or O2 sensor can also create a lean air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, and your engine will misfire – sputter – as a result.

2. Fuel Problems

Dirty fuel injectors are the most common fuel problem that will make your engine sputter. The fuel injectors spray gasoline into the intake manifold or cylinders so that it can be mixed with air and then detonated. If the fuel injectors are clogged by dirt, they will starve your engine of fuel unintentionally. Clogged fuel lines and a clogged fuel pump can also cause this problem.

A malfunctioning fuel pump can also create a bad fuel condition in your engine. If the pump is pushing too much gasoline through, your engine might sputter because it’s being flooded. If the pump isn’t providing enough gasoline, the engine will sputter because it’s being fuel starved. The wrong octane gasoline can also create misfiring conditions.

3. Ignition/Detonation Problems

Briefly, air and fuel in the intake manifold or cylinders are set on fire – detonated – by the spark plugs. In today’s European automobiles, the spark plugs are fired in the order the engine control module determines. If the plugs are old or worn, or if the engine control module is malfunctioning, your combustion chamber detonations will be off, and your engine will sputter.

Call Lucas Auto Care to schedule an appointment for your European automobile. We are the best auto repair shop in Cypress, TX, and European vehicles are our specialty. We can find out why your engine is sputtering and fix the problem right away.

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