Things That Void An Extended Car Warranty

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You didn’t take out an extended car warranty to have it voided when you need it the most. The problem is, the issuing companies often try to find ways to avoid paying out the warranties. As such, if you read the fine print, you’ll find numerous things that will render the extended warranty void even though you paid for it. Here are common things that void extended car warranties.

Salvage Titles

If your European automobile has been in a severe accident and your insurance company declared it a total loss, your extended warranty is voided. You may be able to buy the vehicle back from the insurance company, but the title you will receive is a “salvage” title. A salvage title voids extended warranties because the car was severely damaged in an auto incident.

Vehicle Misuse

Misusing your vehicle can include racing it illegally, driving it on off-road tracks or dangerous terrain, or driving your vehicle in any other way that is outside of its normal operation. You might think that people won’t know, but a reckless driving violation, for example, is a matter of public record. In order for your extended warranty to remain active, you must not misuse your vehicle.

Mother Nature

It might not seem fair, but extended warranties do not cover Mother Nature’s wrath. If your European automobile is damaged in an earthquake, fire, flood, or other severe environmental event, there is a very strong possibility that any damage will not be covered by the extended warranty. As an aside, the same holds true for your homeowner’s insurance most likely.

Altered Vehicle

You cannot alter your European automobile in any way. If you tamper with the odometer or install aftermarket parts, this will void your extended warranty. Tampering with the odometer to adjust the mileage will not only void your extended warranty but could also lead to an insurance fraud claim against you. Aftermarket parts can damage your vehicle’s engine and body.

Neglect/Poor Maintenance

Neglect also voids an extended warranty. The warranty’s issuer expects you to take excellent care of your automobile so that you will never need to take advantage of the warranty’s coverage. To prevent voiding your extended warranty, it is crucial you have all preventative maintenance services done on time and by certified mechanics. It is also critical that you use the right parts, including fluids.

One thing that should never void your extended warranty is taking your automobile to a qualified auto repair shop instead of the dealer to maintain your vehicle. Lucas Auto Care are European automobile service and repair experts in Cypress, TX, and we can ensure your vehicle remains under its extended warranty’s coverage.