Thermostat Service In Houston

Thermostat Service

The thermostat in your engine performs a vital job in the cooling process of your vehicle’s internal combustion engine. When your vehicle is first started in the morning, it is cold and does not initially need the flow of coolant through the block in order to keep it at an operational temperature. The thermostat is placed between the engine and the radiator and measures the temperature of the engine block. When the block is still cool, it prevents any radiator fluid from flowing into the block so that it can quickly warm up to operating temperature. Once the optimal temperature has been reached, the temperature allows coolant to begin flowing through the block, keeping it at the optimal temperature. If your thermostat fails, it can lead to your vehicle overheating, which can cause a cracked head or bent pistons. If your vehicle is overheating, bring it in to Lucas Auto Care for diagnosis right away.