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Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems in Your European Automobile

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You do not want to keep driving your European automobile if it is having transmission problems. Lucas Auto Care warns that continuing to drive your automobile will damage the transmission beyond repair. It’s important to pay attention to how your transmission is operating while you are driving. If you notice any of the following signs of automatic transmission problems listed below, bring your vehicle to our shop right away.

Dashboard Warning

One of the first things that will happen when your automatic transmission is malfunctioning is the check engine light will illuminate on your vehicle’s dashboard. Recent studies show that the check engine light is incredibly effective in determining engine problems, including transmission trouble. Don’t ignore this dashboard warning.

Fluid Leaks

If you see red fluid leaking out of your European automobile toward the center of the vehicle, your transmission is leaking and this will reduce the amount of fluid in the system. Since the fluid acts as a protectant and hydraulic fluid, it’s important to get any leaks fixed right away.

Hot Odors

Hot or burning odors coming from underneath your automobile can also be a problem with the transmission. In fact, if this is coupled with a transmission fluid leak, your transmission fluid is too low and the transmission is overheating. This damages the transmission significantly.

Shifting Trouble

You may also have problems with your automatic transmission shifting. It may be difficult to get the automatic transmission to go into gear. You may also notice that the automatic transmission slips out of gear, skips gears in the gear cycle, or refuses to shift through the gear cycle. All of these are signs that your automatic transmission is having serious problems.

Strange Sensations

The gear shifts in your European automobile are generally smooth. You may feel a little give and the engine’s RPMs change, but other than that, your vehicle doesn’t shake or vibrate. If it has started to shake or vibrate when the transmission shifts gears, you have transmission problems. This is also true if you feel and hear the transmission “clunk” into gear.

Strange Sounds

Finally, you shouldn’t hear strange sounds when your vehicle is in neutral or when the transmission shifts gears. A humming sound when the vehicle is in neutral is definitely a sign of transmission problems. Grinding or squealing sounds as the transmission shifts through the gear cycle also indicate trouble.

Bring your European automobile to Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, for a transmission inspection and repair if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

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