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Signs Your Automobile Suspension Needs Work

There is more to your automobile suspension than you might realize. This is the system that allows you to control your European vehicle. Your suspension not only needs preventative maintenance, but it also needs repair when it wears down. Thankfully, the services are few and far between. Lucas Auto Care lists the signs that your automobile’s suspension needs work below so you can schedule an appointment at the first indication of trouble.


Your vehicle should not bounce excessively, even if you’re driving on a bumpy road. If it continues to bounce more than a few times after you go over a bump or other road hazard, your shocks and struts are wearing down and you may also have problems with your suspension springs.


The same holds true for a bumpy ride. Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to absorb the unevenness and bumpiness of the roads that you drive on. This absorption helps give you a more comfortable ride in your automobile. If the rides have been unusually bumpy lately, your vehicle’s suspension needs work.


Drifting or pulling to one side even though you are trying to drive straight means that your wheels are out of alignment. You shouldn’t have to fight for your automobile to head straight. In fact, straight is the natural direction in which it goes until you turn the steering wheel.


If you notice that your vehicle is leaning to one side or leaning to one corner, you likely have a broken suspension spring. The only other cause of resting lower is a flat tire or a tire that is seriously underinflated. Either way, your vehicle should sit even on all four wheels.


Your suspension is also designed so that you don’t feel your momentum motion. In other words, your car won’t lean back when you step on the gas, it won’t lean to the side when you go around a corner, and it won’t dive forward when you step on the brakes. If it’s doing this, your shocks and struts are shot.


Finally, difficulty steering your automobile is definitely a sign of suspension problems because the steering system is part of the suspension. You may have difficulty steering your automobile because you have a cracked axle, a problem with your steering system parts, or something as simple as low power steering fluid. It’s best to have this checked out by a professional.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, is your one-stop-shop for all of your European automobile service and repair needs. We are experts in European automobile suspensions.

Photo by Malkovstock from Getty Images via Canva Pro