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Signs the Water Pump in My Rolls Royce Is Going Bad

Nothing spells luxury like R-o-l-l-s R-o-y-c-e. These cars are still hand-assembled in Great Britain. If you are lucky enough to have a Rolls Royce, make sure to bring it to Lucas Auto Care for its services and repairs. Our certified technicians have vast experience working with Rolls Royce automobiles. We will treat your baby as if it were our own. One thing that can go bad on an older Rolls is the water pump. If your Rolls Royce is doing any of the following things, it may need a new water pump.

Corroded Water Pump

If the water pump has corrosion all over it, it is leaking. The leak is minimal but it can still create a problem. The leak causes the coolant to puddle around the pump, corroding it and eating through the metal. As soon as the corrosion eats all the way through the metal, you will end up with…

Leaking Engine Coolant

The water pump is located in the front of the Rolls’ engine, so when it starts to leak, you will see coolant on the garage floor underneath the engine in the front. Naturally, when the water pump is leaking this much coolant, the coolant level in the engine is reduced. Consequently, you will start to have problems with the Rolls Royce overheating when you drive it. This can damage the engine further.

Reduced Circulation

Another thing that can damage your Rolls Royce engine is a reduction in the coolant’s circulation. This happens if the water pump malfunctions and can no longer push the coolant through the engine at its normal force. Consequently, the Rolls is going to run hotter than normal and might even overheat because it isn’t getting enough coolant throughout the engine to keep the temperature down.

Growling/Grinding Noises

The water pump may also start a one-engine-part protest in the engine. It may start to growl or grind when it is in operation. Naturally, because of its location, you will hear the protesting in the front of the engine. This is a sign that the water pump’s mechanisms are wearing down and you need a new pump.

Overheating Engine

Finally, as we’ve touched upon above, the engine in the Rolls is going to overheat if the water pump is having a problem. In fact, the pump may die completely and you won’t have any coolant circulating through the engine. This will increase the engine’s temperature very quickly.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today if your Rolls Royce appears to be having water pump problems. We can test the pump and replace it if it needs it.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro