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Signs My Lotus’ Catalytic Converter Has Been Stolen

Catalytic converters are in demand on the black market because of the metal out of which they are made. Lucas Auto Care can replace your Lotus’ catalytic converter if it has been stolen. We recommend that you avoid driving the Lotus if the converter is missing. We will explain why in detail below. The first thing you should do if you suspect that something is wrong is to call the authorities. We also recommend that you call your auto insurance carrier to see if it will cover the damage.

Roaringly Loud Engine

You may wonder if you are going to notice that something is wrong, and we assure you that you will. When you press the start button in the Lotus or turn the ignition key, the engine is going to roar much louder than it normally does. It will also roar loudly when you accelerate. The reason why is that the catalytic converter is missing and the exhaust manifold is forcing the exhaust into the open air. The converter is no longer there to muffle the forceful sound.

Jerking Acceleration

This is also going to make your Lotus jerk when you press down on the accelerator. Until the catalytic converter was stolen, you did not realize how much force the engine uses to push the exhaust into the converter. Now that the converter is gone, the Lotus is going to jerk with each forceful push.

Slow-Speed Lagging

Another thing you will notice if you choose to drive the Lotus is that it has difficulties operating at slower speeds. As you pick up speed and the engine switches to high-end torque, the engine performance will smooth out. Until that time, the engine is going to lag and sputter when you are driving slowly. This is because the engine is having a problem producing the low-end torque.

Illuminated CEL

As you can imagine, the exhaust system sensors are going crazy because they detect numerous problems due to the missing catalytic converter. Consequently, you will end up with the check engine warning on the dashboard of your Lotus.

Strong Exhaust Odors

Finally, the reason why we recommend that you avoid driving your Lotus until the catalytic converter is replaced is that the exhaust manifold is pushing the exhaust into the open air. Consequently, the exhaust has nowhere to go but into the passenger cabin. Inhaling the exhaust is dangerous and even deadly.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, can help if your Lotus’ catalytic converter has been stolen. Give us a call today.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images via Canva Pro