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Signs My Bentley Has a Vacuum Leak in the Engine

The reason why your Bentley’s engine recycles the vacuum pressure produced in the combustion chamber is that it uses it as a power source. Lucas Auto Care advises that if you drive an older Bentley, there may come a time when the vacuum hoses in the engine start to leak. Don’t worry. We can replace the leaking vacuum hoses. Here are signs that your Bentley’s engine has a vacuum leak.

Engine Performance Loss

You may end up with a sputtering engine if there is a vacuum leak. You may also end up with vehicle acceleration problems. The reason why your Bentley’s engine suffers from a vacuum leak is that the leak is filling the engine and combustion chamber with air. This causes a lean fuel mixture in the chamber, and, consequently, engine and acceleration performance loss.

Reduced Fuel Economy

You may also experience a noticeable reduction in your Bentley’s fuel economy. Anytime the engine struggles to run, it will use the fuel supply more quickly. When this happens, your tank will head to empty more quickly. Consequently, you will be left with no alternative other than to fill your Bentley more often than you normally do – a frustrating additional expense.

Erratic Tachometer Needle

Another sign that your Bentley’s engine has a leaking vacuum hose is an erratic tachometer needle. Again, the vacuum hose that is leaking is releasing excess air into the engine. When this happens, the engine’s RPMs rise. You may end up with consistently high RPMs or RPMs that bounce between high and low because of the leaking vacuum pressure.

Hissing or Suction Sounds

If you hear strange noises coming from your Bentley’s engine, this, too, might point to a vacuum leak. Specifically, the sounds that indicate a vacuum leak are hissing and suction noises. For example, if your Bentley’s engine sounds like a shop vac, you’ve got a vacuum leak.

Malfunctioning Components

You might also end up with malfunctioning components because the vacuum leak is preventing them from being powered completely. For example, the power steering pump is powered by engine vacuum pressure. A leaking hose can render your power steering useless.

Dashboard Warning Light

Finally, as you have learned, a leaking vacuum hose can cause all kinds of trouble in your Bentley’s engine. The system sensors will respond to this trouble by reporting errors to the engine control module. The module will turn on the check engine light.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, if you suspect your Bentley or other European automobile’s engine has a vacuum leak. We will find the leak and fix it.

Photo by allanswart from Getty Images via Canva Pro