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Signs My Acura’s Alternator Is Going Bad

Your Acura’s alternator should last 100,000 miles or more. If you drive a high-mileage Acura, and you notice any of the following problems, Lucas Auto Care advises that the alternator is likely going bad. Do not worry. We can replace the faulty alternator if it needs it.

Dashboard Warning Light

One of the first things that might happen is you may end up with a dashboard warning light that alerts you of alternator trouble. Specifically, the illuminated light will be in the shape of a battery or say ALT or GEN. if any of these lights turn on, bring your Acura to our shop.

Difficulty Starting the Acura/Dead Battery

A faulty alternator can also make it difficult to start your Acura. This is because the alternator generates voltage and keeps the battery charged. If the alternator is unable to produce electricity and charge the battery, your Acura’s battery will die and you will be unable to start your engine.

Dim or Lights That Are Too Bright

Your Acura may give you signs that the alternator is going out before it dies completely. One thing that will happen is you will notice that the vehicle lights are either too dim or too bright. The former suggests that the lights are not getting enough voltage. The latter indicates they are getting too much voltage.

Frequent Stalling of the Engine

As you continue to read through this blog, you will discover that the alternator powers many things. One of these things is the spark plugs. If your Acura has started to misfire and install, it’s possible that the spark plugs are misfiring because the alternator is not supplying them with the correct power.

Growling or Grinding Noises in the Engine

Your alternator may tell you if it is going bad. You may start to hear grinding or growling noises coming from your Acura’s engine. This is an indication that the internal mechanisms of the alternator are grinding against each other.

Hot Electrical Wiring Odors

When an alternator starts to malfunction, it can sometimes produce too much voltage. As we mentioned above, this can make the Acura’s lights too bright. You may also smell hot electrical wires in the engine if the alternator is overloading the electrical system.

Malfunctioning or Slow Accessories

Finally, the alternator provides power to your Acura’s accessories. Consequently, if the alternator is going bad, the accessories may slow down or malfunction.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, would be happy to test your Acura’s alternator and replace it if necessary. Call us today.

Photo by JoelJoson from Getty Images via Canva Pro