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Signs I’ve Blown My Lotus’ Head Gasket

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The head gasket is one of the most important auto parts in your Lotus’ engine. Lucas Auto Care explains that the head gasket forms a crucial seal over the cylinder block so compression can build up inside of it. The cylinder block, or combustion chamber if you prefer, needs the compression to produce combustion. If you blow the head gasket on your Lotus, we can replace it right away. Here are signs that the head gasket is a goner in your Lotus’ engine.

Significant Coolant Loss

Aside from forming a seal to increase the production of compression, the head gasket also creates a seal to block coolant and motor oil from entering the cylinders. Consequently, if the head gasket blows, you will have significant coolant loss out of the engine and into the cylinder block. The coolant will continue to leak into the cylinder block until you have the head gasket replaced.

Significant Overheating

Consequently, no matter how much you top off the coolant, your Lotus is going to overheat when you drive it. This is because there is not enough coolant circulating through the engine to keep the temperature below 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The hotter the engine runs the more danger you have of causing additional damage to the engine such as cracking the cylinder block.

Scorching Engine Coolant

In addition, the coolant may get so hot that it starts to boil in the radiator. When this happens, it creates pressure that builds up inside the radiator and causes the radiator cap to explode. As you know, scorching hot coolant will spray all over the engine. It is crucial that you pull the Lotus over and cut the engine if you hear the coolant boiling in the engine. Allow the engine to cool off completely before popping the hood.

White Engine Exhaust

You will also see white exhaust coming out of the Lotus’ tailpipe. This color of exhaust is caused by burning engine coolant. As the coolant leaks into the cylinders, it is burned along with the fuel and air. You may also end up with motor oil in the cylinders that causes blue exhaust.

Milky-White Motor Oil

Speaking of motor oil, the coolant and oil will combine when the head gasket cracks. This turns the motor oil milky and dilutes it. Unfortunately, if you drive the Lotus with the diluted motor oil, you could damage the engine beyond repair.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today if you believe you have a blown head gasket in your Lotus.

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