Shock Absorber Replacement In Houston

Shock Absorber Replacement

Shock absorbers, or dampers, are a vital piece of your vehicle’s suspension that allows for a smooth, comfortable, and compliant ride. Without the use of shock absorbers, your car would bound up and down on bumps due to the unrestricted travel of the springs in the suspension. At its heart, a shock absorber is simply an oil pump. There is a piston inside the shock absorber that presses downward on the fluid inside the piston, increasing or decreasing the pressure of the fluid depending on the force of the bump. When your vehicle encounters a bump, the piston is compressed, which forces the fluid through tiny holes in the main reservoir into the reserve reservoir, resulting in resistance which keeps the springs from bouncing up and down. The shock absorbers that are found in vehicles these days are velocity-sensitive, meaning the shock absorber offers more resistance the faster the suspension travels.