Porsche Service Repair & Maitenance

Porsche Service Repair and Maintenance for your Porsche

Porsche Service Repair and Maintenance

You drive a Porsche, one of the finest automobiles in the world. You know it handles amazing and accelerates like a bat out of hell.  In fact, our friends at Newsroom Porsche have some great driving tips (here), if you want to take it to next level.  After all that fun, you may wonder, what should I do for Porsche service repair and maintenance?

One of the best things we can recommend for Porsche service repair and maintenance is to ensure you are taking your Porsche in for yearly inspection, A Porsche Specialist will inspect everything from the charging system, suspension, hoses, and fluids. Most Porsche owners do not exceed 10,000 miles a  year (normal service interval). However, Porsche owners should still ensure they are having this yearly inspection regardless of the mileage.

Another key point, ensure your technician is a Master Certified Porsche technician. You can think of it the same way as seeing a heart specialist for your heart condition instead of your General Practitioner. A general mechanic may have some working knowledge the vehicle, but a Porsche Master Technician knows exactly what to do and where to look on your Porsche. Helping to provide a prompt and more accurate recommendation.

What about the Lucas Auto Care team?

The Lucas Auto Care team employees only the finest Master Porsche Technicians to complete your Porsche service and repair. Our Porsche technicians participate in around the clock training and have the most up to date tools to service and repair Porsche vehicles. This constant training and equipment allows our technicians the capability to pinpoint Porsche service repair and maintenance needs quickly and correctly.

We offer premium services to keep your Porsche in top notch condition, including:

  • Dealer level repairs and maintenance at a better price
  • MASTER Lucas Certified Technicians
  • Over 100 years of combined experience
  • Over $1,000,000 in tools and equipment specifically for your Mercedes
  • An untouchable 3 year/36,000 mile warranty

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