Houston Porsche Fluid Flush Service

Wondering if your Porsche’s fluids should be flushed? Wondering if you engine running a little sluggishly? Well running engines require regular checks and occasional flushing of its systems. Flushing out your systems should prolong the life of your Porsche just a little longer.

Your Porsche’s transmission fluid and your brake fluid are some of its most important fluids. At Lucas Auto Care, we can take care of flushing the fluids your Porsche’s uses. We will let you know when it is necessary and will keep you in the loop about what is happening.

Porsche Fluid Flush – Transmissions are essential to your Porsche’s performance. Therefore, making sure that your transmission fluid is full and clean is key to keeping your Porsche running well. Not sure if it needs to be cleaned or flushed out? Allow Lucas Auto Care to look at it and then let you know what needs to be done, whether it is flushing it out or topping it off. Keeping an eye on this will help to prolong the life of your transmission, and thus, prolong the life of your Porsche.

Brake Fluid Flush – Are your brakes squeaking a little? Sometimes, brakes can get water in them. Flushing out the brake fluid can get your brakes back to working in optimum condition. While we are flushing out your brake fluid, we will check to ensure that your brake pads are in good repair as well.

Bring your Porsche into Lucas Auto Care where our professionally trained and certified technicians who will evaluate your fluids. They will flush out your system and replenish your fluids. All Porsche models, the Boxsters, the Caymans, the 911s, the Panameras, and the Cayennes, can have their fluids flushed.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring, Katy, Woodlands, Jersey Village and Magnolia TX.

Porsche Fluid Flush Service | Lucas Auto Care

Porsche Fluid Flush Service