Houston Porsche Dashboard Lights Service

Your Porsche’s dashboard lights are your Porsche’s way of talking to you.

The lights tell you that something is happening, but you may not understand what it is really trying to say. At Lucas Auto Care, we can interpret what your Porsche is trying to tell you. We have a state-of-the-art system that determines what the issues are.

When a service light illuminates, you should bring your Porsche into a mechanic that you can trust. We take care of you and your Porsche as if it was part of our family. Lucas Auto Care has Porsche trained technicians who know how to determine what is happening with your Porsche and know how to expertly fix the issue.

Some illuminated lights might be something simple such as a loose spark-plug. However, the lights could mean something much for serious so driving with a service light illuminated is never a good idea.

Lucas Auto Care has the most advanced state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for all Porsches, whether it is a Boxster, a Cayman, a 911, a Panamera, or a Cayenne model. Our advanced service bays feature sophisticated computer testing machines, and our staff of technicians and service advisers are trained to the highest standard possible. We have seen every service lamp and every service issue before. We can fix them all so come see us today!

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring, Katy, Woodlands, Jersey Village and Magnolia TX.

Porsche Dashboard Lights Service | Lucas Auto Care

Porsche Dashboard Lights Service