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Brake squeal

Squealing brakes on your PORSCHE can be annoying to the driver, passengers, and passers-by. This could be an indicator that your PORSCHE’s brakes need to be serviced. Cold weather and high humidity often make brake-squeal although the squeal stops when the lining reaches regular operating temperatures. Dust on the brakes may also cause squealing and finally, the squeal could be caused by an external squealer “sensor” made out of a semi-metallic layered material. Modern technology has replaced this method with a message in the dashboard that indicates that your brake system needs attention. Typically when this message appears your brake pads, rotors and sensors need replacement.

Whether you need front or rear brakes, it is important to replace all three components on your PORSCHE:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Brake sensors

If you can feel the grooves with your fingernail, the rotor is probably too rough and it should be replaced. Rotor replacement is also required if the rotors are damaged or cracked. No rotor should be re-used until you have measured its thickness with a micrometer. A rotor must be replaced if it’s worn down to minimum specifications or the discard thickness. The specification allows for a certain amount of wear to occur before the rotor reaches the end of its service life. Rotors should be replaced in pairs to keep the wear on both sides even. Brake sensors are a one-time use item, as well, and need to be replaced with the other parts of the PORSCHE braking system.

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