Picture it. You are in your Porsche, cruising in the Houston summer sunshine and suddenly the A/C stops working. Needless to say, with the sun blazing outside, you expect to stay cool in your Porsche. But let’s face it; even luxury cars require repair now and again. Air Conditioning units can have a variety of issues. Is it blowing in warm air? Cool air? Or maybe not blowing at all? It could be something as simple as needing new coolant. Properly functioning air conditioning is a necessity in the summer heat. After all, comfort is what your Porsche is all about.

At Lucas Car Care in Houston we will inspect your A/C unit to ensure it is working to its fullest. Our trained and certified Porsche A/C system mechanics can diagnose and repair any issue found with your air conditioning, whether it is warm air blowing out of the vents, or a completely non-functioning unit. We will also check coolant/refrigerant levels and top them off, if needed. We specialize in A/C repair for all models of Porsches, whether it is a Boxster, a Cayman, a 911, a Panamera, or a Cayenne model. Our up-to-date equipment provides quick diagnosis so you are back on the road in no time.

You have invested in your Porsche so why leave its care to someone not fully qualified to maintain it? Give yourself peace of mind, knowing our experienced, certified technicians will treat your car with the same care that you do. Let Lucas Car Care keep your Porsche running to its finest while keeping you your coolest.

You will not find a more qualified shop to repair your Porsche air conditioning. That’s why we can offer an 18 month unlimited mileage warranty on all parts and labor. And if you still have doubts, please check out any of our many customer testimonials. Nothing makes us more proud than past customers praising our work. Visit our Houston location today.

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