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Our COVID-19 Precautions Keep You Safe and Your European Automobile Maintained

We understand your concerns during this frightening pandemic; we’re concerned, too. This is why we’ve taken extra steps to make maintaining and repairing your European automobile safer until we know COVID-19 can no longer harm us. Lucas Auto Care hasn’t shut down. We’re still here to help you keep your vehicle in tiptop shape because you still need it. Not everything in life can go on hold. Here is what we’re doing to ease your mind and keep you safe when your car needs servicing and repair.

Contactless Key Drop Off

Our customers already enjoy this service if they must drop off their vehicles after hours, but you can use the key drop off right now during the day, too, if you’d like to leave your car, your concerns, and your keys without talking to us directly. Fill out the request form and drop it into the key box with your keys. We’ll get the keys and form out of the box, work on your car, and then call you when it’s ready to pick up. This is our top-notch service without the need to come into our office.

Curbside Arrival and Departure

We’re a full-service European automotive shop, not an airport, but for the time being, you can avoid contact and stay safe by dropping off your vehicle at the curb and picking it up in the same spot once we’ve completed your requested work. When you pull up to the curb, call us and let us know you’re waiting outside. We’ll talk about the services you want, let you know where to leave your keys, and get going on your automotive service. We’ll park your car on the curb for you to pick up when it’s ready.

We’ll Come to You

For our local customers, we’re currently offering to come to you for both the pickup and return of your automobile. When you need a service or repair, call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll come and get your vehicle and then return it at the end of the day when we’ve completed the work. As with the other two options, this allows us to be as contactless as possible so you can have your vehicle serviced or repaired during these difficult times. Your vehicle and keys will be disinfected when we return everything.

Lucas Auto Care is in Cypress, TX, and we are here to service your automobile even during the COVID-19 outbreak. Call us for an appointment and tell us which option above you prefer.