Mercedes Service Houston

Maintenance service is the key to a long and healthy life for your Mercedes Benz! We like to compare maintenance services like exercise for the human body. When you exercise you build a strong foundation for your body to run a long time. Maintenance service is no different! A few key components to ensure your Mercedes Benz ages gracefully
Coolant flush
Power Steering flush
Transmission service
Brake fluid flush
Engine oil and filter
AC cabin filter
Engine air filter
Many Mercedes Benz owners wait until they get a light on the dashboard to schedule a visit. However, just like the doctor we recommend a bi-annual check up for your vehicle. This allows us to catch any potential issues, and address them before they become more costly.Lucas Auto Care has factory trained technicians ready to help guide you and your Mercedes to health! Come in and experience European auto repair with a personal touch! 281-379-5800

All Mercedes models; E-class, S-class, C-class, S-class, SL-class, ML-class, GL-class

Mercedes Service Houston | Lucas Auto Care
Mercedes Service Houston