Houston Mercedes Engine Repair

That pesky check engine light got you down? Your check engine light can come on for almost 1,000 different reasons. Many people think that they can stop by their local auto part supply store and get them to “diagnose your check engine light”. However, what the auto part supply store is actually doing is reading a generic fault code from an inexpensive scanner. This fault code can be helpful in and identifying if there is a safety concern with the vehicle, although it won’t tell you what is actually failing on your Mercedes.

We at Lucas Auto Care, have the latest Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment that can identify exactly why your check engine light is on. Our trained technicians have over 35 years of specialized Mercedes Benz experience. Once our experienced Mercedes technicians diagnose your check engine light, our world-class service department will get you a recommend plan and cost for repair.

We invite you to come experience European auto repair with a personal touch!

Houston Mercedes Engine Repair | Lucas Auto Care

ouston Mercedes Engine Repair