Mercedes Cooling System Service

Maybe you have heard about a coolant flush, or maybe another shop or dealer has recommended this service for your Mercedes but you want to know more about it. These are all good things to know and here is a good place to start. You know that coolant is vital to the reliability that you expect from your Mercedes, but why flush it?

Well, let’s start with what coolant is. Very basically, it is water mixed with other chemicals that lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of the liquid to protect the engine from extreme temperatures – hot and cold. This liquid is what keeps your car from overheating in the summer, thus called coolant. It can also be called antifreeze since it keeps the liquid from freezing in the winter. Your car’s coolant also offers protection against corrosion within the Mercedes cooling system. Please note – different cars require different coolants – more on that later.

On to “Why to flush it?” After time, about 2 years, the coolant in your car loses its corrosion protection qualities and rust can form in the system. Rust and corrosion combine and may cause blockages of the coolant passages which can lead to expensive repairs on the cooling system. By flushing the system we are able to remove the deposits and the old fluid. Then we re-fill using only Mercedes coolant, giving your cooling system and engine the protection it deserves. Some manufacturers are very particular in the coolant that they use, and Mercedes is no different. Mercedes’ coolant is blue in color and cannot be mixed with green, yellow, pink, or orange coolant. When mixed improperly, the coolant can turn into a gel-like substance and not do its job.

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Mercedes Coolant

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