Houston Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment Service

Did you know that even if you car is driving straight it could still be out of alignment?

Making sure you car is properly aligned is key! If your car is not properly aligned you can end up with uneven tire wear and broken suspension pieces. This can make your vehicle unsafe and cost you lots of money in repair.

Lucas Auto Care happens to have a state of the art Hunter all wheel laser alignment machine, that is specifically designed for specialty sport vehicles.

Another tip is that wheel balance and alignment are two terms that consumers commonly misuse. If you feel your vehicle “pulling” one direction, then you have an alignment issue. If you have a vibration in your tires, that is typically a wheel balance issues. Never fear though, because Lucas Auto Care also has a state of the art Roadforce wheel balancer to balance your Mercedes tires!

We recommend getting your alignment checked at least every 6 months, call Lucas Auto Care, to set up an appointment to bring your Mercedes Benz in and have a complimentary alignment inspection performed on your vehicle.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring or Katy.

Houston Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment Service | Lucas Auto Care
Houston Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment Service