Houston Mercedes-Benz Tires Service

Did you know that the kind of tires on your Mercedes Benz affects its performance and driveability?

Tire issues and concerns:

  • lack of tread/bald tire: safety risk, can cause hydroplaning
  • run flat tires: most Mercedes are not equipped with a spare, so you need to ensure you have a run flat tire
  • non-matching tires: tires should be replaced in pairs, not doing so creates uneven wear and suspension
  • can’t be rotated: most Mercedes wheels are what’s called staggered and/or directional tires and cannot be rotated

Lucas Auto Care has an experienced staff that is highly knowledgeable in tires for your Mercedes Benz. Our team will walk you through the process of selecting the best tires for your Mercedes. Whether it be, cruising along the suburban streets, flying by on 99, or weaving through 290 traffic, our team will find the best fit!

Once you’ve selected your Mercedes Benz tires, Lucas Auto Care, has the proper equipment to mount, balance, and align your vehicle to get the most out of your new tires. Come by and experience European auto repair with a personal touch! Our team our true car enthusiast and will treat you and your Mercedes like family!

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring or Katy.

Houston Mercedes-Benz Tires Service | Lucas Auto Care
Houston Mercedes-Benz Tires Service