Mercedes Benz Service B – Also known as a (Flexible Service – Schedule B Flexible Service)

The “Service B” light is illuminated when service is required on your Mercedes. Your instrument cluster will display all the estimated services needed during this period by computing mileage, distance driven between starts, the number of starts and stops, speed driven between trips, etc., to compute the minimum items such as filters, fluids, brakes and other parts to be replaced at this given period. This allows your Mercedes to tailor it’s required service needs to how you drive.

Lucas Auto Care has the computer, training and certified technicians to properly perform a Flexible B Service. We follow the Mercedes mandated list for each B service. This service is typically due every year or 20,000 miles. This time-frame will change depending on miles driven, time elapsed, and fuel consumed.

Lucas Auto Care connects to your Mercedes via the Star Diagnose computer to determine the rest of your car’s health, the exact same equipment the Mercedes dealership uses. This computer also allows us to reset the “service light” after all recommended services are performed and keep your future needed maintenance on track. While your Mercedes Benz is in our care, we will also provide you with an inspection to keep you up to date on any other service or repair needs you might need in the future. We are here to ensure your Mercedes is in the best shape it can be while you keep up with your busy schedule. To help, we can offer you a ride to your home or to work.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring or Katy.

Mercedes Benz Service B | Lucas Auto Care

Mercedes Benz Service B