What brand oil do you use?
Liqui Moly (The Only German Manufactured Oil in the States), Mobil 1, Castrol, Motul and other high-quality motor oils.

What oil filter do you use?
We use only Mercedes Benz OEM filters, such as; Mann

What additional services do you provide during my oil change?
We perform a thorough 30 point inspection, including battery, and all safety items. Additional we top of all fluids, check and adjust tire pressure, and rotate your tires (if applicable)

How much oil do you use and how do you know that it is right?
We have access to Mercedes Benz database that provides us with the exact amount needed for your model Mercedes. We have the proper Mercedes Benz equipment to ensure it is correct. Did you know most Mercedes Benz take 8 quarts of oil or more?

What other services should I get with my Mercedes-Benz oil change?
Lucas Auto Care prefers to treat each car individually. After we complete our 30 point inspection, we will make recommendations specific to your vehicle.

How many miles should I go between changes?
Factory requirements are 1 year or 10,000 miles. However, we recommend coming in for an evaluation at least every 6 months. This helps prevent potential issues from building up.

How do I know my Mercedes-Benz needs its oil changed?
Every Mercedes model is different. However, most can be found by scrolling through your instrument cluster. It is best practice to always store your records, just in case.

How long does it actually take to get my Mercedes-Benz oil changed?
Most oil services take approximately 45 minutes

Who is going to actually be changing my Mercedes Benz’s oil?
We employee only master certified technicians and ensure that they offer to see your oil service.

Where does my car go while at Lucas Auto Care?
Your car will go from our service drive, into the work bay, then to the wash station, then back to the service drive again. You may watch the work from our waiting area if you like.

Do you test drive my car after an oil change?
Yes, we do a test drive during your oil service. You do this to double check for any safety concerns.

Why should I get my oil changed at Lucas Auto Care over the quick lube shops?
Most quick lube shops “technicians” are not certified/have not been properly trained to service a Mercedes Benz. Additionally, most of these facilities do not have the proper tools or equipment to perform the service and reset your oil service indicator.

How do I reset my Mercedes-Benz oil change light?
Most models require a specialized Mercedes Benz scanner to reset your indicator.

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