Lucas Auto Care has the BEST battery warranty in the Houston area -5 Year unconditional replacement!

All drivers know that terrible feeling when you hop in your vehicle ready to head to your destination, you go to start your vehicle and…..NOTHING! Your vehicle’s battery has died, and now you are stranded!
While most drivers have had this experience, not all drivers have the opportunity to drive a Mercedes Benz, which require special care for battery replacement. Your first reaction may be to find someone to help jump start your Mercedes. If you are to go this route, we must advise proceeding with caution. Modern Mercedes have very sensitive electrical systems, and once the faulty step can potentially result in thousands of dollars of electrical damage.

Our recommendation is to contact your insurance provider or a local towing company to have your Mercedes towed into us at Lucas Auto Care. Another tip is to ensure your wrecker is using what is called a “flatbed” tow truck to properly tow your vehicle. If you need a referral, give us a call today.

Once your Mercedes has arrived at our facility, our team will ensure that we quickly test your entire starting system, to accurately determine that the battery was at fault for the no start. When it is confirmed, our team will provide a replacement battery that was designed specifically for your Mercedes. Lucas Auto Care will not just replace your Mercedes battery, but we will provide the best battery warranty in the industry- 5-year free replacement!

Did you know that extreme temperatures (hot or cold) may cause your Mercedes battery to fail prematurely? That’s why Lucas Auto Care offers complimentary battery tests for all of our customers!

We invite you to please come visit us, and let our factory-trained technicians and our service advisers treat you and your car like a member of our own family.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring or Katy.

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