Houston Mercedes Air Conditioning Repair

There is no denying it, Houston summers are HOT! But did you know, that the increased levels of heat put additional stress on your Mercedes Benz’ air conditioning system?

It’s quite common when the warm summer months roll around, people come into Lucas Auto Care and say, “my Mercedes’ A/C is just not feeling cool enough!” It’s no surprise with most Houstonians parking their cars outside and dash temperatures exceeding 135º Fahrenheit, that vehicle air conditioning systems can’t keep up!

Our team is fully equipped to test your Mercedes’ air conditioning to ensure it is cooling properly. We even encourage our customers to come in before the summer months for a complimentary A/C performance test. We recommend doing this test before it is 100º F out, and your Mercedes’ A/C fails, leaving you a hot, sweaty, and miserable.

Come beat the heat, at Lucas Auto Care!

Houston Mercedes Air Conditioning Repair | Lucas Auto Care

Houston Mercedes Air Conditioning Repair