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Lucas Auto Care Has Ways You Can Finance Your Auto Repair

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When your European automobile needs expensive repairs, Lucas Auto Care can help. We are not only
the premier European auto service and repair shop in Cypress, TX, we also offer auto service financing
via two separate funders. If you’d prefer to finance your auto repairs rather than tap into your checking
or savings account, you can do so through our financing partners or by using any of the following
methods listed below. Some of these options are better than others are, so read carefully.

Bank Loan

If you have a great relationship with your bank and a solid credit report, head into your local branch and
ask for a personal loan. A personal loan is just what its name suggests: A loan for your personal needs.
This need can include automotive repair financing. To get your money, you’ll need to fill out an
application and be approved for the loan. You’ll pay the loan back with interest by making monthly
payments over one, two, or more years. You can choose the duration that works best for you.

Credit Card or Line

You can also charge your European automobile repairs but this might not be the best idea if your card or
line of credit comes with a hefty interest rate. If you do have a high rate but also have great credit, look
for a new card or line of credit that carries a zero percent monthly interest rate for six months to one
year. This gives you time to pay off your automobile repair without interest. If you don’t qualify for zero
percent interest rate, look for rates that are lower than the ones your current forms of credit have.

Alternative Funding

Finally, there are alternative funding methods that can get cash in your hand within days but they come
with some caveats that oftentimes are not worth the financing. The two most common alternative
financing methods for automobile repairs are payday and title loans. A payday loan is a cash advance
taken against your future pay. You must pay the loan back the following payday. A title loan is money
borrowed against your vehicle’s title. If you don’t pay the money back, the lender keeps the title.

Neither of these are a good idea, especially since you can also finance your auto repairs using one of the
partners of Lucas Auto Care. It doesn’t matter if you bad credit. One of our financing partners will lend
you money for your auto repairs at a lower interest rate than what you’ll find with a payday or title loan.
Call our Cypress, TX, shop today.