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Keeping Your European Automobile Cool in the Texas Summer Sun

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You don’t need us here at Lucas Auto Care to tell you that it gets hot here in Texas during the summer months. Few things are worse than getting into the scorching interior of your European automobile after it has been sitting in the sun. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you never leave pets or people inside the car. Even if you follow the cooling tips below, the car still gets too hot inside for survival.

Use Shades

One of the best things you can do to reduce your European automobile’s interior temperature is to use windshield and window shades to block the sun’s rays from making their way through the windows. These shades are easy to use and remove when you are ready to drive again. You may prefer to keep the window shade on the driver’s side down to protect you from the sun, as well, while you’re driving.

Find Shade

You can also find shade under which to park. If you are heading to an area where there is a convenient public parking garage, head inside the garage to avoid the sun. You can also look for trees under which to park to help keep the European beauty’s interior protected from the sun’s rays. When at home, make sure to park your European automobile in the garage so it’s out of the sun and its heat.

Cover the Steering Wheel and Seats

If you absolutely cannot find shade under which to park, cover the steering wheel and car seats with towels to prevent the sun from heating them up so much that you get burned getting into the car and while you are trying to drive it. A smaller towel, such as a hand towel, will work to cover the steering wheel. White beach towels will prevent the sun from heating up the European vehicle’s seats.

Crack the Windows

You should also crack the windows slightly to let the hot air escape from inside the vehicle and the cooler air into the car if there is a breeze. Even with the windows cracked, do not leave children or pets in the European automobile. Even if there isn’t a breeze, cracked windows reduce the interior temps.

Open the Doors

Finally, before you get into your European automobile after it has been parked for a while, open all the doors and let the vehicle air out for a few minutes. This helps the outside air flow through the car to reduce the interior’s temperature before you get into the car and head on your way.

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