Have you noticed that your Jaguar hasn’t been roaring like a big cat lately? Has the “Check Engine” light suddenly appeared on your dashboard? Jaguars should be able to deliver power and grace every time they’re being driven. There are a few issues that can cause performance problems which can lead to a sub-par experience. Often, the culprits have worn spark plugs, weak ignition coils or clogged fuel injectors. Lucas Auto Care offers a complete Jaguar tune-up service that aims to correct these issues and restore your car’s vigor and performance so that it feels like new again. We perform regularly scheduled maintenance tasks and fuel injection cleaning on any Jaguar model. Having a team of professional technicians perform a jaguar tune-up on your car can not only improve its performance but also prevent breakdowns and lengthen its life. Certain parts, such as the air, oil and fuel filters, as well as the spark plugs, should be replaced at specified intervals or immediately if they show signs of deterioration. A car that is properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is a lot less likely to end up needing extensive repair work in the future. If you notice that your Jaguar’s performance is dropping, don’t put off having it looked at by our certified Jaguar auto technicians. They have the knowledge needed to find the source of the problem and do the necessary work to solve it. Lucas Auto Care only uses original and manufacturer-approved parts when a replacement is necessary, as we believe that you and your car deserve nothing but the very best. Any part that we install on your car will be one that we would want to use on our own vehicles. You are sure to notice the difference as soon as your car leaves our service facility. We’re always glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your Jaguar’s performance, so feel free to give us a call. If a jaguar tune-up or inspection is recommended, you can schedule a service appointment at a time that is convenient for you. When the tune up is complete, we will be happy to explain the work we’ve done on your car and give you advice on how you can keep it running in optimal condition.

Jaguar Tune Up