A smooth-running vehicle is what Jaguar owners expect, which is why PLH makes sure that each car that rolls off the production line lives up to that expectation. Unexpected noises that come about in bumpy situations or problems with your struts or shocks usually means that the suspension needs repair work done. To make sure that your Jaguar maintains its prestigious rank among the finest cars available, any such concerns should be handled as soon as possible by the staff at Lucas Auto Care. Ignoring it will only lead to more alignment issues and can either damage or limit the lifespan of your steering components. Another factor that points to the need for suspension work can involve tires that are getting worn down much more quickly than expected. Finally, when your Jaguar starts to pull on paved roads in Houston and the surrounding areas, the warning signs should clearly be visible. Bringing in your vehicle for regular maintenance will often detect any problems before they become annoyances that cut into your precious free time. One of the reasons that taking your Jaguar to Lucas Auto Care makes perfect sense is the sheer level of tradition and experience that we embody. Having been around for more than 50 years, the challenges that our impeccably-trained technicians have come across when it comes to suspension repair are many. However, having previously dealt with them means that we know exactly what’s involved in your repair and handle the job with the expertise that you deserve. That knowledge is intertwined with the awareness of just how much you value your Jaguar. Taking into account that passion, we use the most advanced equipment available to make sure that your suspension issue is diagnosed correctly. The use of the proper tools during the repair process means that you’ll soon be back on the road. Lucas Auto Care knows that your time is important to you. That’s why we always make sure that any waiting you need to do during that suspension work will be in an area that exudes the vibrant ambiance you’ve come to expect. To that end, we also try and accommodate as many people in the Houston area as possible by offering seven different service centers. Simply living in or near Katy/Bear Creek, Spring, Tomball, The Woodland, Cypress or Magnolia makes it short jaunt to handle your suspension issues.

Jaguar Suspension