If you want to keep your Jaguar running in optimal condition, then it is important that you bring it into a service center for regularly scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your vehicle runs well at all times and keeps you on the road without any trouble. At Lucas Auto Care, we can do your car maintenance for you. Our experienced technicians have been doing a scheduled maintenance on a variety of Jaguar models and will ensure that your car is in top condition, fixing any issues they find before they turn into a potential problem. Keeping your car maintained by a team of professionals can save you from the inconvenience of costly and long repairs.Our technicians know exactly what kind of maintenance is needed on your specific model and year of Jaguar and at what intervals it needs it. Lucas Auto Care has a team of certified factory-trained car maintenance professionals who will keep your regular Jaguar maintenance on schedule. You can count on them to never cut corners and perform all the needed diagnostics and inspections. That way, potential problems are addressed before they result in a breakdown. We’re proud of the quality of our work and will always give you the quality service that you deserve.As part of your scheduled Jaguar service in Houston, we will check your wheels and tires, washer fluids and wiper blades, brakes and related components, suspension, steering, cooling system, oil filter, air filter and much more. That way, any components that are showing signs of excessive wear or that have some kind of problem can be replaced on the spot. You can trust our technicians to perform any checkups that Jaguar recommends for your car. Once the work is done, you can get your car back on the road knowing that it is in excellent running condition.

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