Your Jaguar needs special care in every aspect. You only want the best service and a crew that is professional and knowledgeable in Jaguar repair service. You worked hard to get it, and you want to keep it immaculate. The Jaguar is a special type of car and should be treated as such. Lucas Auto Care in Houston has professional technicians and mechanics that know how to take that special care of your Jaguar. We are certified by Jaguar and will handle your car as if it were our own. If the weather is too hot or cold, you certainly don’t want your air conditioner or heater going out. The heat in Houston can feel like a furnace at times. Maybe your Jaguar needs new brakes or suspension. The experts at Lucas Auto Care can handle all of these and much more. If you need engine or transmission work, they will be happy to take care of that for you, as well. For any service or repair your Jaguar may need, we have the guys to handle it correctly. We tend to think of the Jaguar as a work of art. For a work of art, you would naturally need an “artist” to take care of it. Lucas Auto Care professionals pride ourselves in the “art” of the fabulous Jaguar. We treat it as if it were our own. Our products and service are above the rest, and our artists take the time and care to ensure the job is the best that it can be. At Lucas Auto Care, you will never feel like just a customer. We feel that you and your Jaguar are our family from the first minute you walk into our door. As such, we will treat you as family. We have a waiting room designed for your comfort in mind and coffee to drink while you wait. We also provide a ride for you back home or to work if you choose to leave. Lucas Auto Care will never leave you to worry about anything. Bring your Jaguar in. We will discuss the plan with you. You can then relax and know that your car is in the best of hands. Come and see us today for your peace of mind.

Jaguar Repair Service Houston