When one pictures a Jaguar, they see a classic body design, a luxurious and comfortable interior and perhaps the long history of the British marque, which dates back to 1922. Except when imagining some of the sportier models, few will immediately think of performance when they hear the name Jaguar performance upgrade. However, high performance is a key attribute of some of the supercharged models produced by this auto manufacturer. Anyone who has been behind the wheel of an XKR or S-Type R will know what kind of power a Jaguar can truly deliver. In the early days of the brand, many of their cars have taken part in various auto racing events throughout Europe. Therefore, it can be safe to say that performance is something that was bread into brand right from the beginning. This tradition has carried on all through the decades, even if many later Jaguar models were built with a higher emphasis on luxury and comfort. No matter what model of Jaguar you drive, you will be able to feel its superior power when compared to other car brands. Lucas Auto Care has been providing repair and maintenance services for a variety of high-performance vehicles of all brands, including Jaguar. We have over two decades of experience working on all models of Jaguar cars and will be happy to help you with all of your service needs. Some of our employees are proud of Jaguar owners as well, so they know how to properly care for this make of vehicle. Our technicians have received factory training from Jaguar itself, giving them the base of knowledge they need to do superior quality work each and every time they have one of their cars roll into our service center. Whether you’re looking for the best team to care for your supercharged Jaguar or just want a place that offers better service than local dealers, you will be happy to find Lucas Auto Care in Houston. No matter what kind of work you need done on it, we will treat your car just like it was our own. Our modern facility is built to handle any kind of regular service or repair task on Jaguars.

Jaguar Performance Upgrade