If you want to keep your Jaguar running as smooth as possible, then you need to remember to keep the oil changed! There are certain maintenance proceedings that need to take place with your Jaguar, just like there are with other machines. A routine oil change is one of the things that you don’t want to avoid. The Jaguar has a motor that has been specially tuned, so let one of the best Houston businesses take care of your fine automobile. The vehicle will require an oil that is of the proper grade and quality to keep it running smoothly and for as long as possible. You can use a synthetic blend in the motor or a blended oil. There are also oils that the Houston mechanics can use at Lucas Auto Care that are specialized for the Jaguar. At Lucas Auto Care, the mechanics understand the importance that an oil change will offer to a vehicle. They will take the proper care of the car so that it’s in pristine condition while you’re driving along the streets of Houston. Our mechanics will make sure that only the right oil is used so that there is not any damage to the motor and other parts of the car. All of the equipment used is recommended by experts from the oil to the filter. Only the best equipment is used at Lucas Auto Care while the oil is being changed. Technicians working at the Houston car care center will work to get you back on the road in a short amount of time. Mechanics will treat the vehicle as it’s their own, ensuring that there are no scratches on the outside and that nothing goes wrong with the oil change. All Jaguars are serviced by Lucas Auto Care, such as the XJ or XK. Visit the Houston location for all of your routine maintenance needs. We are also conveniently located in the Jersey Village and Spring areas.

Jaguar Oil Change