What oil do you use?
– We use Mobil 1 oil

What Jaguar filter do you use?
-We use parts that are Jaguar Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM).

What other services should I get with my Jaguar oil change?
-We offer a full inspection of your brakes, wipers, tires, filters, belts and safety items. We will recommend any services that you need upon completion of our inspection.

How much oil do you use and how do you know that it is the right amount?
-We follow Jaguar guidelines and review a second time after service.

What other services can I get with my Jaguar oil change?
-You may get a replacement of your engine air filters or windshield wipers, or maybe a brake flush if its needed. There’s also a hand car wash and nitrogen for your tires included.

How many miles should I go between oil changes?
-We suggest an oil change every 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first) due to the rougher driving environment in Houston.

How do I know my Jaguar needs its oil changed?
-Within your Jaguar there is a numerical countdown that is displayed at the car’s start-up. You can also scroll through your display screen to check the status of the oil.

How long does it actually take to get my Jaguar’s oil changed?
-An oil change typically takes less than 45 minutes.

Who is going to actually be changing my Jaguar’s oil?
-A technician trained for the service of Jaguars will be performing the services on your vehicle.

Where does my car go while at Lucas Auto Care?
-From our service drive your car will be taken into the work bay. From this area it goes to the wash station, and then returned to the service drive. You have the option to watch the work from the waiting area.

Is my car test driven after an oil change?
-We will at times perform a short test drive for systems confirmation, as well as to double check for any error messages that may pop up.

Why should I get my oil changed at Lucas Auto Care rather than local quick lube shops?
-We have factory trained technicians working on your car, using Jaguar parts and processes.

How do I reset my Jaguar oil change light?
-A special tool is required and is part of the service.

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Jaguar Oil Change FAQ