Were you aware that your Jaguar has a computer that keeps track of everything that happens? The computer knows the condition of the battery, spark plugs, the oil and so many other parts. When something stops working properly, the computer can pinpoint the issue. Where is the best place to get a Jaguar electrical diagnostic check to have the computer evaluated? Look no further than Lucas Auto Care. We use a state-of-the-art electrical diagnostic machine so we can see precisely what is going on with your Jaguar. Once Lucas Auto Care runs your vehicle through our diagnostic, we let our professional technicians, who are factory trained and certified, fix the issue. Why Your Jaguar Needs Regular Service. Although we know our vehicles should receive regular service, most of us only consider taking it to an auto care shop when there seems to be a problem. Bringing your car to us after it breaks down is always an option. However, we want to take care of your Jaguar before something major happens. At Lucas Auto Care, our automotive technicians have a comprehensive understanding of the diagnostic process and the computer technology that determines what needs to be repaired. They will use the latest in computer diagnostic equipment to make an accurate and adequate diagnosis. Service and repair will begin promptly. There’s no need to bring it back a second or third time because you are having the same issue. With many years of experience servicing all Jaguar models, our certified technicians will fix your vehicle right the very first time. Lucas Auto Care Electrical Diagnostic Service Has What You Need. Our Jaguar electrical diagnostic service is just what you need to handle the systems designed for today’s vehicles. The technology used in these cars is complex and requires diligent work by professionals. There could be a problem with the battery, ignition, alternator or starter. Each one of these components are crucial to how well – or poorly – your Jaguar performs. More importantly, your safety is at stake if the electrical components are not checked regularly. In some instances, a problem is not apparent until it fails. Expect nothing but first-class service when you bring your Jaguar into our service center. In addition to pinpointing the problem and making necessary repairs, we will return your vehicle to you with a quality hand wash. Our full service for clients also includes shuttle service to and from your office or home.

Jaguar Electrical Diagnostics